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 PvP Tabard Update

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PvP Tabard Update Empty
PostSubject: PvP Tabard Update   PvP Tabard Update EmptySat Jan 30, 2016 12:26 am

We have updated the server recently before a major patch upgrade coming this weekend.

As Alpha Testers we appreciate all your help in making this server the best that it can be. Therefore we have added 2 ALPHA ONLY ATTAINABLE Tabards that can be bought with Honor.

For Alliance: Honor Hold Tabard
Cost: 30,400 Honor Points

For Horde: Thrallmar Tabard
Cost: 30,400 Honor Points

Accessible to both is the Contest Winner's Tabard
Cost: 3000 Honor Points

These tabards will only be achievable during this Alpha Test. Once you acquire yours please take a screenshot of your character wearing the tabard and post it on forum so that when we Launch the Beta and wipe all Characters you will have your permanent non-obtainable tabard. <3 Aincraft
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PvP Tabard Update
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