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 Alpha Test Changes (1/28/16)

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Alpha Test Changes (1/28/16) Empty
PostSubject: Alpha Test Changes (1/28/16)   Alpha Test Changes (1/28/16) EmptyThu Jan 28, 2016 11:16 pm

We've received lots of excellent criticism and feedback from the community, and have decided to make the following changes to our Alpha Test and server as a whole:

- We've decided to remove PvE itemization, and focus more on cultivating the PvP aspect of the server. We planned on initially using Common, Uncommon, Rare as PvE progression gear, but for people who'd prefer to just world PvP and play battlegrounds and arena, this quickly became an unnecessary chore. We've elicited to remove the common (40% power level) items from the server and make all uncommon (70%) gear free, since it's more in tune with the balancing we'll be doing. Upon beta release, the uncommon gear will be released and all the finely-tuned rare gear will be accessible for all players, and further itemization will be offered as PvP rewards in the future.

- We'll be completely revamping the PvE environment, and make the rewards for exploring Alterac Valley much more enticing as a way to offer characters new ways to customize their characters. This includes arena style battle event, custom bosses, and navigating through dangerous environments in order to fight other players and earn unique rewards. Many of these ideas aren't finalized, but we'll be sure to release information as soon as we're well into development.

You can look at our Development Roadmap in our forums to get a good idea of everything we're working on, and as always, I'm here to answer any questions you might have about Aincraft going forward.

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Alpha Test Changes (1/28/16)
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