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 Development Roadmap

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PostSubject: Development Roadmap   Development Roadmap EmptyTue Jan 26, 2016 8:08 pm

- Majority of spells have now been scaled properly. These include, but are not limited to Hemorrhage, Blast Wave, Lightwell, Insect Swarm, Counterattack, Wyvern Sting, and Holy Shield.
- The beta release will include cross-faction parties, guilds, chat, and bgs. Updates pending.
   - Cross-faction parties implemented.
   - Cross-faction guilds implemented.
   - Cross-faction chat implemented.

Itemization and progression revamp, namely:
  - The "Starter" testing gear has been removed and is replaced by Uncommon gear for all Alpha Testers.
  - On Beta Launch, all Starter and Uncommon Gear will be removed from the game and replaced with gear equivalent in power levels to Blizzlike Rare/Twink gear.
  - Further gear sets will be released as PvP rewards in future updates.
  - PvE itemization progression has been removed and PvE content (AV mobs/bosses/instances) will have alternate rewards.

PvE and world PvP revamp, namely:
  - Exploring Alterac Valley will be much more dangerous, but enticing for players who are interested in obtaining unique rewards.
  - "Gurubashi Arena" style events will offer an incentive for World PvPers to adventure into the wilderness.
  - Multiple, custom bosses that spawn regularly around the map will challenge players and open up new ways to customize your character.

New Bugs:
- Gnome, Human Hunter missing Guns Skill.
Human Druid missing 1H Maces Skill.
Tauren Paladin's missing 1H Swords skill.
Blood Elf Warriors missing Daggers Skill. [Reported by CoffeeTwank, Lestat13, Aelois] [Confirmed]
- Rogue: Cut to the Chase resets Slice and Dice with Sinister Strike [Reported by Wirrzz] [Confirmed]
- Warrior: Deep Wounds procs on normal hits instead of crits [Reported by Wirrzz] [Confirmed]
- Warrior: Flurry procs on normal hits instead of crits [Reported by Wirrzz]] [Confirmed]
- Mage: Ignite does not proc off of critical hits [Reported in-game] [Confirmed]
- Priest: Lightwell has 1hp. [Reported by Wirrzz] [Confirmed]
- Druid: Force of Nature treants don't scale correctly. [Confirmed]
- Druid: Missing Cure Poison skill [Reported by Zbucket] [Confirmed]
- Paladin: Judgements of the Pure (Holy) activates on normal auto attacks, not Judgement of Light. [Aelois] [Confirmed]

QOL Adjustments:
- Warlock: Make soul shards stack
- Mage: Increase rank of Summon Food/Water
- Mage: Remove Light Feather component of slow fall
- Paladin: Make Blessings 30m instead of 10m

- Misc: Add World Chat
- Misc: Reduce number of signatures needed for Guild Creations

- Removed cost for talent respec and dual-spec from vendors.
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Development Roadmap
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