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 Dudu-s [Restoration/Healer type]

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Dudu-s [Restoration/Healer type] Empty
PostSubject: Dudu-s [Restoration/Healer type]   Dudu-s [Restoration/Healer type] EmptyTue Feb 02, 2016 7:17 pm

Greetings, Dear readers, Very Happy

Have Had created Resto DUDU [Variant of Mana-regen talent type / Spell-Power build]

Tried to outheal few classes' DPS-ing, some with success and some not.
To be more accurate,

I Could not outheal, nor even hold my heals up against a hunter.
I Could hold up with a wLock and a DK.

So, My personal opinion is, whether buff 'em up with Resto Form, or Buff their Healing spells and cooldowns.
Also, Cleansing spell would fit fine into the spellbook, i.e. Priest's Dispel, Cure/Abolish Disease.

All in all, There's too much casting time for any spell, whether healing or damage-dealing one.

Kind Regards,
and forgive me for the grammar issues and typos once again.


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Dudu-s [Restoration/Healer type] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dudu-s [Restoration/Healer type]   Dudu-s [Restoration/Healer type] EmptyTue Feb 02, 2016 10:35 pm

I love it!

A number of replies to your points:

- Hunters have some of the most reliable single-target physical damage in the game, so unless you have access to LoS, I don't think you should be able to out heal them.

- Affliction Warlocks by nature counter healers that use mainly HoTs, so I'm not surprised if you had trouble there, but maybe if you were against Demo/Destro and you were having trouble something might be off.

- Death Knights have been rebalanced, so you shouldn't have to worry about out-healing them, only surviving their burst.

- Druids should get Cure Poison! And potentially something in the Resto tree that augments that ability. Thanks for pointing out that bug, and I'll look into working something into the Resto tree.

- Because this is a twink server, I believe it's important to have long casting times to maintain the flavor. That being said, eventually you will be able to spec for haste in order to mitigate those issues.

Thanks so much for you help and feedback!
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Dudu-s [Restoration/Healer type]
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